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Scarborough, Western Cape | South Africa

Welcome to the Cape Peninsula’s best-kept secret

An Insider Tip on the Cape

Encircled only by the Atlantic Ocean and nature reserves, Scarborough was declared a conservation village in 1996. Having this status means that the village is not permitted to extend past its current boundaries. The residents consciously address the issues of safety, conservation, and the environment and have created a unique retreat that they simply love. This is reflected in the numerous groups of volunteers who are involved in the village in one way or another.

The most southwestern point in Africa

The majority of the approximately 800 residents are of European descent, with a significant number of South Africans of mixed heritage also residing in the area. The town has a reputation for being a popular destination for artists, writers, and other creative minds who are drawn to its natural beauty and laid-back lifestyle.


One resident sums it up perfectly:

Being in Scarborough is the closest you can get to nature. It’s wild and unpredictable, rugged, and alluring. There’s both a rawness and a richness that’s not easy to find in today’s world, and yet it’s only a short distance to the city. We’re the last village on the West Coast of Africa – the most beautiful edge of the world.”


Ocean’s Horizon Beach House

It is the best-kept secret on the Cape Peninsula! Located in the picturesque ecovillage of Scarborough, a quaint hub for local artists, bohemians, and laid-back surfers, the spacious and luxurious beach house leaves nothing to be desired: breathtaking ocean and mountain views from every room, panorama windows, and a sunny veranda with a plunge pool. The list goes on and on…


Your checklist

for an unique holiday destination

✔ Idyllic conservation village

✔ Nestled between the sea & mountains

✔ Dream beach & hiking paradise

✔ Tranquil - no mass tourism

✔ Cafés, restaurants & quaint supermarkets

✔ Home to artists, nature lovers, bohemians from all over the world & hippies

Let Ocean’s Horizon help you to have a  once-in-a-lifetime vacation!

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