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Ocean’s Horizon Beach House

The wedding is over so life can get back to normal, right?

Well, not before you’ve gone on the romantic honeymoon you’ve always dreamt of and deserve! Or perhaps you and your partner are looking to reconnect  ̶  somewhere far away from the drudgery of daily life, a luxurious and secluded place where you can focus on one another and rediscover the magic that brought you together in the first place.


Make honeymoon memories that last a lifetime

Ocean’s Horizon is the perfect backdrop for your own personal love story. Create lasting romantic memories with your partner in a luxurious beach house in the village of Scarborough near Cape Town. Be mesmerised by spectacular views of the Atlantic and of the surrounding lush green mountains from the entire house.

Spend your honeymoon at Ocean's Horizon - a patch of paradise

Your destination for an unforgettable honeymoon or a romantic escape for two near Cape Town

Be mesmerised by the magical view

Imagine ...

  • Starting off each new day with luxurious Egyptian cotton bedding caressing your skin and with a breathtaking view of the ocean that will leave you in awe – directly from the king-size bed in the elegant main bedroom

Be mesmerised by the magical view in the main bedroom
  • Taking a romantic bubble bath in the whirlpool tub or a steamy shower in the bright main bathroom without ever having to take your eyes off your partner or the vast seascape before you

  • Spending the day in each other’s arms under the South African sun in the relaxing plunge pool while sipping on your favourite honeymoon drinks

  • Relaxing in the evenings bathed in the flickering light of the romantic fireplace recalling the memories you’ve made or dream about your future together under the endless starry sky on the veranda

  • Ocean’s Horizon is about sharing romantic moments and being attuned to one another  ̶  all in complete privacy and seclusion

Bathe while looking out at the vast ocean in the main bathroom

Make every day a special day

Although you’ll find it hard to leave the house, there’s all sorts of honeymoon adventure awaiting you just a short distance from Ocean’s Horizon: take a romantic walk on the beach, hike up Platberg and have a picnic while drinking in the unforgettable panoramic view or take a stroll down into Scarborough and find a cosy place to have a romantic candlelight dinner.

Feel at peace being surrounded by nature at its best

Your checklist

for an unforgettable romantic getaway

Luxurious beach house

✔ Breathtaking ocean and mountain views

✔ Elegant main bedroom with a king-size bed

✔ Bright main bathroom with a sensual whirlpool tub

✔ Spacious veranda with a relaxing plunge pool

✔ Sunny and lush garden

✔ Panorama windows throughout the house

✔ Romantic fireplace

✔ Complete privacy for your romantic moments

Make Ocean’s Horizon part of your love story!

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