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Ocean’s Horizon Beach House

Your destination for allergy relief on the Atlantic coast

Pollen allergies – a worldwide plague

Millions of people across the globe suffer from mild to severe pollen allergies, especially during the spring. If you belong to this unfortunate group of people, you know the symptoms all too well: runny nose, sneezing, itchy and watery eyes. The list goes on and on.

Spring challenges

Allergy sufferers spend springtime desperately trying to find a way to remedy their symptoms. They use apps to track the pollen concentrations in the air and know exactly which types of pollen make their lives miserable, making it possible for them to at least avoid the outdoors until the concentrations of a specific pollen reach tolerable levels.


Seek respite on South Africa’s Cape Peninsula

No country is free of pollen and South Africa is no exception. However, the pollen conditions in South Africa and in the Cape region, in particular, are ideal for allergy suffers, owing to the fact that most of the pollen in this part of the world is not allergenic – in other words, it does not cause an allergic reaction.

Non-allergenic pollen?

Plants native to South Africa, such as jacaranda and acacia trees, or fynbos are NOT allergenic, as these plants are sticky and pollinated by insects (not windborne), which means that the pollen is not inhaled and does not lead to reactions such as hay fever.


Find relief at Ocean’s Horizon

Located in the coastal ecovillage of Scarborough on the Cape Peninsula, Ocean’s Horizon Beach House is the ideal location to escape allergy season and the pollens at home that make life in spring difficult to enjoy. When spring is in full force and wreaking havoc on allergy suffers in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s autumn in South Africa and the local allergy season has long since ended.

Feel at peace being surrounded by nature at its best

Enjoy the health benefits of the Cape

The beach house’s location directly on the Atlantic makes it all the more suited for allergy sufferers. The constant sea breeze, with its iodine, salt, and magnesium, helps to alleviate the symptoms of asthma and other allergies and promotes respiratory health. In addition, it can be beneficial in stimulating the overall immune system.

Natural sea breeze ventilation

Ocean’s Horizon Beach House was designed with the ocean and its health benefits in mind. The large panoramic windows all throughout the house and the spacious and comfortable veranda make it possible to benefit from the ocean breeze the entire day.


Escape your allergies in style

The elegant and spacious home leaves nothing to be desired:

  • Bright and airy bedrooms with en suite bathrooms

  • Spacious veranda with lounge chairs and a plunge pool

  • Fully equipped kitchen which invites guests to work their culinary magic

  • Comfortable living area with a cosy fireplace

  • Full privacy – no area of the home is visible to neighbours

You’ll be so relaxed that you’ll find it difficult to leave the house. But should you do decide to make an outing, you have more than enough options right at your doorstep. How about long walks on the beach? Or perhaps thrilling hikes to spots where you can experience the glory of Mother Nature at her best?


Ocean’s Horizon makes it all possible.

Floor to ceiling windows let you be one with nature
Enjoy the ocean view from the lounge and veranda

Your checklist

for allergy relief on the Cape

✔ Luxurious beach house on the Atlantic

Spectacular ocean and mountain views

Panorama windows throughout the house

Natural sea breeze ventilation

Reverse seasons (Southern Hemisphere)

Privacy and seclusion to relax and enjoy the allergy relief​​

Let Ocean’s Horizon be your allergy escape!

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